overwinter small size mandavilla

Asked September 28, 2018, 8:11 PM EDT

I have 2 mandavilla plants in window boxes outdoors. Would they survive if I put them in my garage over winter. The Garage is usually about 50 degrees in winter, but only light is thru small windows in top of double garage door. I love those plants as they bloom all summer. Thanks for any suggestions. Shirley Schwarze Glencoe MN.

Carver County Minnesota

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You indicated that your mandevilla plants are currently in window boxes outside. If true, then overwintering implies that you would be removing the plants from the window boxes and putting them into some type of pot. The following sites will provide you guidelines about how you should treat your mandevillas once they are in pots;




In reading through the above, note that storing them in a cool place with limited light will not be the best conditions.

If you will be transplanting your mandevilla from window boxes to pots, this should be done ASAP. Frost warnings are out tonight for many regions of Minnesota.

Good Luck!!