Planting bamboo

Asked September 28, 2018, 4:14 PM EDT

Hello! A neighbor recently planted 4 tall stalks of bamboo in their garden. I don't know if they are aware of the invasive nature of the plants, but somewhere I also remember hearing that it was illegal to plant new bamboo stalks in Maryland. I would like to knock on their door to discuss it, but before I do, can you please advise me if it is illegal to plant these in Maryland? I'd like to have as much knowledge at my fingertips as possible before speaking with them. Thank you for your help!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Some areas on the eastern shore have passed ordinances regarding planting and control of bamboo. We have no information on County or homeowners association rules or regulations. You will have to contact them for more information.
It is not technically illegal to plant, but running bamboos, if neglected, will travel and become invasive.

Here is the Invasive Plant List form the MDA. Some bamboos are listed as Tier 2 plants and Pending.

Also, here is the HGIC List of Invasive Plants and our website on bamboo