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Asked September 28, 2018, 3:26 PM EDT

Small flying (fast) bugs, started on right side of head hair, put a cap on they tried to get under the head band, they progressed to the right side of my nose, ear and mouth, bug spray doesn't work. At night they get under my cpap mask, very small. I have coughed up one very small black bug and have found a bug that looks like a bugar but under a microscope, it is a bug. I had the bugs last year and this year.

St. Louis County Missouri

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Good evening,
My first thought would be that you might be battling a case of head lice. However, you indicated that the bugs "fly." Lice cannot fly, but instead are rapid crawlers and hitch-hike from one human to another. Without a sample, it is sometimes difficult to identify what the bug might be. It would be helpful if you could submit a photo or bring in a sample to your local University Extension office. I would also recommend seeing a dermatologist, as they may be able to assess the issues in more detail and provide you will some relief.

Thank you for your response.
Yesterday I purchased a microscope with a camera that can display my samples on my computer screen and then save it as a jpg file.
I will then send the sample files to you.

ps: I should get the microscope on Wednesday.

A couple of partial pictures. I am trying to get a picture of a whole bug.

These are not Arthropoda or parts of bugs. Your symptoms do not make any biological sense—that is, insects do not act this way. I suspect this is likely a medical issue. See https://citybugs.tamu.edu/factsheets/biting-stinging/others/ent-3006-2/