"Mushrooms" taking over my yard and garden beds

Asked September 28, 2018, 1:17 PM EDT

Good morning I have lived in this home in Newberg for 3 years. Each fall my yard is taken over by what looks like, for the most part, button mushrooms. Every year they destroy my yard, creating divits in the grass, and creating uneven "craters" where the shrooms have erupted. Is there anything I can do? I have gone below them and found strands and strands of fine filaments. I know fungi have a job to break down and decay debris but my yard is now ruined and it is starting all over again. Thanks for your help Kathleen Bonn

Yamhill County Oregon

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The chemicals which might be useful to kill lawn disease fungi may or may not work on mushroom fungi, I believe they work better on fungi which do not produce mushrooms. You can buy these at garden stores. Some tips might be to reduce watering (yes, I know it rains a lot here), and fertilize more with nitrogen fertilizer.

Your lawn is part of a biological continuum composed of many kinds of organisms, including mushroom fungi, which grow together in an ecological balance. Production of mushrooms is a yearly cycle, part of the natural world in Oregon. Mushrooms produce lots of vegetative strands called mycelium, which you have discovered. The mushrooms are produced from the mycelium masses. Yes indeed, they are doing good things for your soil. Some people would even say that you are lucky to have these mushrooms and to sit back and enjoy their presence. Anything you do to destroy the mycelium will likely destroy other beneficial micro-organisms which help your lawn grow.

Thank you Steve. I have an elderly Sheltie and a young Pom-Chi (Dogs) … are these "mushrooms" dangerous for my dogs? They tend to dig them up and throw them around like they are ping pong balls.

Also, could you perhaps assist me with names of fungus products and nitrogen supplements for my yard. Nitrogen … would that be like steer manure and that sort of thing. I will need to improve my soil and fill in the holes created by the mini mushroom volcanoes


You can buy granular nitrogen fertilizer by the bag at garden or yard supply stores. The dogs shouldn't be biting or eating mushrooms. While many mushroom species are harmless, there are some which could be poisonous if eaten (they are not poisonous to the touch). Many different species can grow at the same time in a lawn.

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