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Asked September 26, 2018, 4:48 PM EDT

Does weed and feed fertilizer harm trees? I have planted hundreds of DNR Seedlings and unless the deer or rabbits get them they usually do great. My mothers lawn gets a few conifers and they die or look like they are barley hanging on. Once a tree gets established they tend thrive. The black walnut trees have grown about 40' in the past 20 years. I read that that Canada has banned the sale of weed and feed. Is it that bad for trees? .

Isanti County Minnesota

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Like any chemical, the possibility exists that trees may experience some damage upon exposure to herbicides. This is especially true for herbicides that would enter the roots of trees. Such is the case for herbicides such as Round Up that contain glyphosate. These types of herbicides do enter the roots of plants and trees and could have a detrimental effect upon those trees. The herbicide in weed and feed (2,4-D) enters plants through their leaves. If the leaves of young trees or saplings come into contact with it, there could be an adverse impact upon these types of trees. 2,4-D should have no effect upon mature trees.

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It is true that Canada has banned weed and feed. However as I understand it, this was largely because of broad environmental concerns and not because of its effects upon trees. See the following:


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