Snow on the mountain

Asked September 26, 2018, 2:58 PM EDT

It took over our hosta bed! We pulled as much as we could before digging up all of the hostas for dividing and transplanting. There isn’t very many leaves from the snow on the mountain remaining. Will a weed and grass killer be effective in getting to the roots with one treatment? What is the best product to use as we do want to replant the hostas in the same bed. Thank you!

Washington County Minnesota

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Glyphosate (Round Up) works best on tender leaves and probably won't do very much to the rhizomes under the soil.

After using a shovel or hoe to get to as many roots as you can, you might want to use this method:

You can then cover the newspaper with mulch and when you're ready to plant, just move the mulch aside and dig through the newsprint. It really is an effective, but not perfect, weed control method.