Plum tree pests

Asked September 26, 2018, 2:03 PM EDT

Our Italian prune tree has a blight. Insects similar in size to a ladybug, they are amber-gold in color with dark spots. They are all over the plums, stuck to the plums almost like leeches. We want to bring the tree back to good health and exterminate the bugs. The tree is also in need of a big pruning. We are cancer survivors and do not use toxic chemicals in our yard. Can you help?

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We will need a picture of the insects on the tree to be able to identify them. Sometimes an insect that is present is not actually a pest, and the problems may be caused by something else. You could also take some of the prunes and insects into your local Extension office if sending a photo is a problem. The Polk County Extension Office is located at 289 E Ellendale, Suite 301, Dallas.