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Asked September 26, 2018, 12:34 PM EDT

I am assisting the Village and Township of Fife Lake with creating a joint planning commission and zoning board of appeals. After reviewing sample MSUE docs and other MI community agreements, I understand the process of creating a joint PC/ZBA, master plan, and ordinance to look like this: 1. agreement/ordinance to form JPC and JZBA (upon creation of joint zoning ordinance, in the meantime both municipalities will continue to administer their separate ordinances) 2. create joint Master Plan 3. create joint zoning ordinance with provisions for JZBA

Grand Traverse County Michigan

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Hello Fife Lake,
You are on the right track in terms of process to create a joint planning commission for the village and township of Fife Lake. Step 1, 2, and 3 as you have them listed are in the correct order.

If time/money is an issue, it is also possible to adopt existing Master Plans (if they exist and are up to date) for both entities rather than generating a new Master Plan at this time. The new joint zoning ordinance would be based on those plans. If it makes the most sense to adopt one unified plan, that is certainly a good option.

Make sure that you adequately address the structure and membership of the ZBA in the Zoning Ordinance. The Joint Planning Commission Ordinance and Agreement would acknowledge the creation of a ZBA-- but provide little detail. there is a good article on this here.

Best Regards,
Mary Reilly, AICP
MSU Extension
Manistee County