Low Grow Sumac disease

Asked September 26, 2018, 10:34 AM EDT


I have a gardening business in the Denver area, and one of my clients has a Low Grow Sumac that has little bumps on the leaves, almost like a gall of some sort. Wondering if you might know what this is, and if there is a environmentally friendly way to deal with it. The plant is pretty healthy otherwise, and grows like crazy. Thanks much!

Jefferson County Colorado

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The bumps could very well be galls. There are several causes of galls, often they are caused by insects. Cut a couple open and see if there is a larvae inside. They can also be caused by fungus. Galls generally look strange but they do not overly damage the plant or cause death of the plant. They can be difficult to deal with the insect that causes them may not feed on the plant prior to laying a egg that causes the gall, so spraying the leaves may not be an effective way to control the galls. If the galls are caused by a fungus, then spraying with a fungicide in the spring, might be helpful. Remove of the fallen leaves will help in any event.