Dying Oak Leave

Asked September 25, 2018, 9:23 PM EDT

We have, what I think is a pin oak in our back yard. It has always been a model of health till this year. The tree has what seems like a tandom btanch die off, mostly lower limbs. Some have small leaves sprouting in clumps from the main branches but the outer twigs and pud points seem dead. It has been like this since spring. I don't see any signs of mils or fungus and the park of thr main trunk seems free of growths and scars. There are a few holes either from bugs or wood peckers, not sure. It is from acorns from southern PA. Any ideas? Us this a bad sign? Or just unneeded leaves.

Charles County Maryland

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We cannot say for sure from your photos what you are dealing with. You may be dealing with poor site conditions, poor drainage, soil compaction, etc. When subject to these issues, oaks can be susceptible to possible insect and disease issues.
Pin oaks can be susceptible to bacterial leaf scorch. Unfortunately, bacterial leaf scorch is very common in pin oaks and the disease can kill a tree in about 8-10 years. There is no cure for it. In our opinion this tree looks dead and you should think about removal.
Here is additional information about this disease.

Here is our publication on When to Remove A tree http://extension.umd.edu/node/13531

Also, here is a link to Maryland Tree Experts http://dnrweb.dnr.state.md.us/forests/tree_expert_search.asp