Samurai Wasp

Asked September 25, 2018, 7:15 PM EDT

We are experiencing the fourth year of a massive infestation of Brown Marmarated Stink Bugs. Is there any way to obtain Samurai Wasps to assist with their control? Thanks in advance,

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Sorry to hear about your infestation of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB; Halyomorpha halys) . The current status of the research is that the wasps have not yet been released anywhere. However, there is a website where you can report your infestation of BMSB -

The tiny samurai wasp,Trissolcus japonicus, that kills BMSB eggs is still being being evaluated for release. It will first be released at certain predesignated research sites where it will be closely observed and its activities documented. As with all biological control releases, the hope is that the wasps will successfully establish and, then, spread throughout the region. Overall, such projects may require 5 to 10 years before a release into the "wild."

Typically, such biological control projects rely on the organisms to do their jobs and establish populations throughout the area. Sometimes, the public will have access to supplies for their own properties, sometimes not. No releases have been made outside a laboratory as yet.

Unfortunately, people who live near, or adjacent to, wooded areas are likely to have the largest populations.

Currently, you'll need to resort to the same practices other homeowners use to decrease the nuisance factor. Seal and/or caulk all possible cracks and crevices where the bugs might enter; and replace, repair, or install screens.

A wet-dry shop-vac is very useful when you have large quantities. (Follow the manufacturer's instructions to add soapy water which drowns the captured bugs.)

When lesser amounts are present, flicking the beasts into a cup of soapy water works well.