Water bath canning infused vinegars

Asked September 25, 2018, 5:43 PM EDT

Hello, Is it safe to water bath can hot pepper's in vinegar? The recipe is attached. I'd like to water bath can them for a few minutes to seal the lids to use as gifts. The bottles are Filmore sauce bottles with lug lids. https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/a12-04w-case12lug-ozs.html Thank you! Jen

Cook County Illinois food safety

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Hi Jen,
that sounds like a great infused vinegar! As for Pasteurizing the mixture in boiling water, that would work just fine, with a processing time of 10 minutes.

The only caveat I have is that USDA/Extension tested processing times are not for jars of that shape. Our tested times are only for standard canning jars with 2-part lids. That said, infused vinegars are very high acid products and are considered "non-potentially hazardous" foods (here in Alaska, at least; meaning they will not harbor pathogenic bacteria, even if not Pasteurized properly). Your only risk (and it is a low one) is that they may eventually mold or continue their vinegar fermentation process if not refrigerated. This would effect only the quality/taste, not the safety.

All the best, and I hope your vinegars turn out well and are wonderful gifts! I can imagine a basket with a lovely (homemade?) loaf of bread, a good quality olive oil, and your vinegar. Dipping some bread in the oil-vinegar mixture sounds amazing!

Hi, thank you for the response. I love the gift basket idea, might have to steal that idea.

I made one bottle so far, needs some tweaking but looks pretty.

Thanks again,