Apple mildew?

Asked September 24, 2018, 5:09 PM EDT

We have a huge Apple tree in our woods. The apples have a mildew appearance when they begin to ripen. My husband cut down a lot of small trees that were hindering the Apple tree from getting sunlight. We thought that that would help but it has not. We want to know if this would prevent us from using the apples for making cider or apple sauce. We do not peel the apples but leave the skins on. I tried submitting this this but don’t think it worked. Thanks

Eaton County Michigan

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Hello. A couple questions for you. When you describe this as ‘mildew’ can it be rubbed off the outer skin? I am also wondering if you have cut into the apples and what the inside looks like. Thank you.

Hello again, I went outside and got the apples in question and when I wiped them off a similar amount of dirt came off as our good apples. The dusky appearance did not wipe off and when I cut into it the Apple it was very nice even close to the skin.

Hi. This looks like sooty blotch and flyspeck, fungal diseases that usually occur together. The skin does not look appetizing but it can be eaten.