How to rid 3 story condo building of stink bugs?

Asked September 24, 2018, 5:02 PM EDT

How to rid 3 story condo building of stink bugs?

Wayne County Ohio

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Unfortunately there are no great solutions here, certainly not anything easy. The stink bugs you are dealing with are most likely the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB). This particular stink bug seeks over wintering sites in homes and buildings. Therefore, the first step in management is to prevent entry by sealing up openings, caulking around windows and doors, replace damaged window screens or insure there are screens over windows, screen vents. Removal of window air conditioners can also help because this seems to be an easy point of entry for BMSB.
Perimeter, exterior application of some pyrethroid based insecticides may provide some knockdown of BMSB and prevent some entry, but residual life of pesticides is limited and caution must always be used when applying pesticides. Pesticides are NOT recommended for indoor use.
Once BMSB are found inside a building vacuuming or knocking them into a container of soapy water is advisable. There are reports of persons putting out shallow containers of water with a drop or two of soap in the water. BMSB may be attracted to the water, fall in and drown.
Here are links to some Extension sites that contain some information about BMSB management:

Rory Lewandowski