Humming birds in Boulder CO

Asked September 24, 2018, 3:24 PM EDT

Hello, Do you know about when the Hummingbirds begin to arrive to Boulder County and when they start to leave? i do not want to take my feeder down to soon and next year i want to have them up in time for their arrival. Thanks.

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Hummingbirds can migrate as early as July and as late as September.

They'll return in April and May.

There is conflicting advice about feeding in the fall.Some folks advocate for leaving a feeder up to allow birds to feed as they migrate through from other areas. However, a colleague has written that there is some controversy regarding this practice. They explain that "some experts say that the instinct for the birds to migrate is so strong that food availability has little effect on when they migrate. Others contend that late summer feeding can delay migration and put birds at risk. You should be able to discern when most birds have departed and reduce or eliminate feeding at that time to encourage the stragglers to leave as well." It should be noted that this advice was not generated from Colorado.

Now that you're thoroughly confused, you may like to contact CSU's field ornithologists at