Positive identifications of black slime mold

Asked September 24, 2018, 2:14 PM EDT

Lucy 1. What positive features for identifying black slyme mold? 2. What are environmental conditions that favor or discourage black slime mold? 3. Please provide Scordar the articles concerning black slime mold Pls advise

Madison County Alabama mold

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Those two articles discuss slime molds fairly well. One is from Cornell and the other is from Mississippi State. While they may cause concern, they are saprophytes which basically means that they exist on dead or decaying organic matter and are not pathogenic (disease causing organisms). They are unsightly, but will be gone very soon.

Hope this helps.

Regional Agent Lloyd,

Thank you for the scholarly articles, which I found most interesting.

I was afraid the unsightly slime mold was toxic, especially when touched they spread like a puff of smoke, I thought they were going to take over my entire yard and cover the house.

Nature is fascinating, I wish I had a good microscope to examine these amoeba. I am so glad I asked the question. Fear is terrible, FDR was wise "there is nothing to fear but FEAR itself".

Your answer took my fear away, and provided me with knowledge. I will share the articles with the garden person I consulted.