Wierd shaped apples with bumps

Asked September 24, 2018, 12:06 PM EDT

Hello, we live in Fenton. Last spring we planted two apple trees, one honeycrisp and one Gala. This year, though small, they produced many apples. The apples all had spots, most have bumps, and all of the Honeycrisp are deformed looking. I am trying to figure out why, what we can do to prevent this, and if they would be safe to eat.

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You have several types of insects. The raised welts are due to plum curculio damage when the apples were small. The reverse funnel indentations are caused by tarnished plant bug, again when the fruit were small. The plum curculio damage early can cause fruit distortion because the insect-damaged areas cannot expand properly during fruit growth. There is a small amount of surface feeding due to some sort of leafroller larvae.

The fruit are safe to eat..although be on alert for a possible internal worm.

Plum curculio and tarnished plant bug are most active for the 45 days following petal fall. Internal worms (oriental fruit moth and codling moth) are active from about 30 days after petal fall to early September.

. A minimum of 2 sprays up to 6 sprays are typical for a backyard situation depending on the insect "pressure" in your site, your tolerance for insect damage, and your willingness to take the time. Quite often your choices of materials is determined by what your local garden supply store has on hand.

The University of Kentucky has a fairly comprehensive summary of treatment options at the following web site:
The chemicals listed in their bulletin for insect control are fair to decent in terms of effectiveness.

If you used the Bonide Home Orchard Spray, the insecticide in the product is a pyrethrin which must be applied directly to the insect to be effective. It is very short lived, which makes it relatively safe to use, but not very effective more than a couple days after application. So, you will need to spray every 4-5 days, and / or switch to or include more effective insecticides. Malathion will give you 5 to 7 days of coverage. There are a few other backyard gardener chemicals that are available for fruit growing that have the active ingredient acetamiprid, spinosad, kaolin clay, and carbaryl that are more effective than the Bonide Home Orchard Spray for internal worms. You will need to check the label to make sure that they are labeled for apple trees.

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