Sago palm yellow patch

Asked September 23, 2018, 9:58 AM EDT

We received a good bit of rain during a recent storm. For fear of high winds, I put my sago palm with other plants near the house. When I came out to move them back to their original place, I noticed these patches on four of the fronds.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina sago palm horticulture

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It appears that you may have developed a fungal leaf spot. Without a sample, it is difficult to determine the specific pathogen. My recommendation would be to remove the affected fronds and treat the plant with a fungicide labeled for home use. Chlorothalonil is an active ingredient that works on a wide range of fungi. To determine the specific pathogen, you may want to contact your local extension agent and arrange to submit a sample to the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic on campus. Photos submitted by agents are free of charge. Physical samples require a $20 fee if submitted by your local extension center or you can submit a sample directly for a fee of $30. Here is the link to the clinic website:

You can contact your local extension office at:

Let me know if I can assist you further.