Creeping Charley

Asked September 22, 2018, 3:46 PM EDT

What products do you recommend for this? We have used Ferti-lome without much success. We also tried 20 mule team borax but it damaged the grass.

Hennepin County Minnesota creeping charlie

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As you are discovering Creeping Charlie is difficult to eliminate. Although it is an annual weed, it keeps reappearing every year. The major reason for this is that unless you completely kill the roots, new plants will emerge from existing roots. Even if you pull up the plant, you will typically leave root fragments behind that will generate new plants in the following spring.

The three following sites will give you some information about this weed and control procedures:

This is the ideal time to apply an herbicide that will kill the Creeping Charlie. This is because the plant is now actively growing. Consequently applied herbicides will be transported to the roots and, hopefully, kill them. The above sites will provide information about such herbicides. If applied according to the directions on the containers, there should be no damage to your yard. The most effective herbicides against Creeping Charlie contain Triclopyr. Look for this compound on the label of any herbicide you purchase.

However in spite your efforts this fall expect to see Creeping Charlie again in 2019. Be persistent and eventually you will prevail.

Good Luck!!