Trees at Risk?

Asked September 21, 2018, 11:44 PM EDT

We are trying to come up with a plan to landscape a steep hill in our new yard. Our property backs up to a farm that has several dead or dyeing Ash trees and some Eastern Cedars. Is the Ash Borer a threat to other trees and what trees and bushes might be a problem being so close to the Cedars?

Boone County Kentucky

1 Response

The ash borer only attacks ash trees. Eastern Red Cedars are an alternate host for Cedar apple rust. This fungal disease doesn't do any damage to the Cedars but attacks members of the apple family of plants . This family is quite large and includes many ornamental landscape plants.

The recommendation is to remove the red cedars but this isn't practical. Kentucky is heavily populated with cedars. I would wait and see if you see any leaf symptoms on susceptible plants.