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Asked September 21, 2018, 10:01 PM EDT

This year we had a couple issues with a few Apple trees. Wanted to know what might have caused it. One tree is a chehalis Apple and the apples were rotting on the tree in August. We water every 2-3 weeks for 12 hours with sprayers at the base. We also have a pink lady Apple tree and the apples and brown dots on the exterior-on half the Apple. It didn’t go deep into the Apple when I peeled them. This was watered 20 minutes at the base each day. I have attached pictures of both trees for your reference. Thanks. Lisa

Marion County Oregon

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Some interesting images that I can only speculate about. My first thoughts are for a nutritional problem - both leaves and fruit. The prevalence of the problem is what is driving my thoughts here.

The leaf symptoms look like a mosaic virus but the images are not typical of these problems in apple.

The fruit symptoms or depressions look like they are associated with the lenticels. This is reminiscent of Johnathan spot but it is hard to rule out bitter pit, lenticel spot and some pathogenic fungal problems.

All in all it would be good to get a sample into the plant clinic so we know for sure what is going on. Neil Bell is the extension agent in your county and I think might be very interested in your situation. I will alert him next. You can also take a sample into the master gardeners and they can get it to Neil as well.

Hi Lisa:

I'm returning from a trip to the UK today (Tuesday). If you don't mind, call me in the Marion County office on Thursday at 503-373-3765 and we'll work out a way to see these trees. I'll be in and out but if I don't pick up please leave a message. Or feel free to email, address is below. Thanks!