Weed control and reseeding my three acre lawn to revitalize.

Asked September 21, 2018, 5:33 PM EDT

For broad leaf control what herbicides are recommended for fall application? How long after weed killer is applied can I reseed and fertilize?

Oakland County Michigan lawns and turf

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Selective chemicals such as 2,4-D and dicamba as active ingredients will take down most broadleaf weeds without harming the lawn. Both of these chemicals are part of a mixture in Weed B Gon, a common lawn weed control product. There are others out there but be certain they are for lawns and be sure to read the label of whatever you do use especially for reseeding instructions. Here is the label for Weed B Gon: yhttps://www3.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/ppls/000239-02665-20080908.pdf

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