blueberries and organic matter

Asked September 21, 2018, 2:36 PM EDT

Hello, I just bought a house and the property around it has some pretty acidic soil. It's acidic enough that wild blueberries do well there. I have 10 domesticated blueberry plants I would like to plant there but I don't know what to ammend the soil with, if anything. The soil is very sandy, almost blow sand. On my other property that has very alkaline soil, I dig a large diameter hole and fill it with half peat moss and half native soil. Would that work at my new house or would that be too much acid since the native soil already has a lot of acid? Is there anything else that would work well to give them some good nutrition in the years to come but not mess up the PH? Thanks.

Lake County Michigan

2 Responses

Yes add the peat moss it will not lower the pH but help it stay low. The added organic matter will hold more water, increase root growth and make the plants much happier. You should also mulch the plants heavily to help retain soil moisture. For fertilizer I would recommend a Rhododendron/Azalea mix such as Mir-Acid

Thanks a ton Mark! I'll do that.