Cottonwood Trees

Asked September 21, 2018, 8:31 AM EDT

I live in Red Wing, MN. We have a cottonwood tree in our backyard. I believe it would be 25+ years old. It is about 60+ feet high. And 2.5 ft around lower trunk. I am wondering about the root structure. We have had several straight line winds these past few weeks and several dry stretches before that. Now several rainy periods of 2-4+ inches that fell in our area. We do not live by water, high above the MISSISSIPPI R. How can I continue to care for this tree? Reading about cottonwoods I understand there are male/female kinds. We have the cotton so I believe this is a female. And to look at it, it appears healthy and still green being September 21. (It had an Orioles’ nest this year). How can I help keep this tree healthy and sound?

Goodhue County Minnesota

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Cottonwood trees are fast growing but short lived. And like most other fast growing trees their wood is weak and susceptible to storm damage. Nevertheless, they often grow to be stately specimens with little or no care.

To ensure the health of your tree and anticipate potential problems, we suggest asking a forester or certified arborist to to inspect the tree onsite occasionally. If pruning or other care is needed, most tree care specialists can provide that service.