Effect of hybrid and corylus americana in the same orchard

Asked September 20, 2018, 3:00 PM EDT

I have a small mixed planting of approximately 40 hybrid hazelnuts, and 5 american hazelnuts. The American hazelnuts have been producing for a couple years, while the hybrids are a few years away. Will the different varieties of hazelnuts cross pollinate? I am concerned the American varieties will influence the hybrids to produce smaller nuts. How likely is this? Thanks!

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Your American hazelnut varieties will not change the characteristics of the Hybrid hazelnuts you harvest to eat. The cross pollen between the American and the Hybrid plants will only change the characteristics of any plants you would grow from the nuts of the hybrid plants.
For more information Contact the Oldham County Cooperative Extension Service Office at 502 222-9453

Thank you very much! This is useful information!