irrigation ditch water splitter box diagrams

Asked September 19, 2018, 9:25 PM EDT

I need to install an adjustable water dividing box in an open irrigation ditch. Can you refeer me to a sourse of pictures & or diagrams of options. I may not be using the correct name but I call it an adjustable splitter or divider box.
I need to split 2,3 or 4 shares of .175 cfs from 8 other shares. I think I want a welded steel box? I am open to other options but need to divide acurately.

La Plata County Colorado irrigation and water management

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Hello, this is a challenging question as there are a lot of details that will dictate the best method to use. There is good information in the USDA NRCS publication listed in the link below:
If this document is not able to provide assistance I would contact the La Plata water district at

Thank you, Scott