What kind of spider is this

Asked September 19, 2018, 8:06 PM EDT

Found this on the floor along the floor board in the bathroom. It was pretty big.

Marion County Oregon spiders horticulture

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The very long legs strongly suggest the identification of giant house spider, previously named Tegenaria gigantea but now is Eratigena atrica. Your spider is a male.

This is the time of year the males are looking for females. Quite often they inadvertently wander indoors during the search.

The good news is that Oregon lacks deadly spiders. So, you can relax.

If you're curious, and you happened to capture it, you can take it to the Maroon County Extension Office where the Master Gardeners can take a first-hand look. The office is at 1320 Capitol St NE, Suite 110
Salem, OR 97301. Hours 8 to 5 daily. Call 503-588-5301 to ask when the Master Gardeners are in.

Or review the details in this publication,click this link to see/download "How to Identify the Hobo Spider" - https://s3.wp.wsu.edu/uploads/sites/408/2015/02/PLS-116-How-to-Identify-or-Misidentify-the-Hobo-Spid...

You'll need to look at the underside. To slow its movements, chill briefly in the refrigerator.