Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Asked September 19, 2018, 3:12 PM EDT

I was told today, by a tree expert, that my Pin Oak (about 50 yrs. old) has Bacterial Leaf Scorch. He also mention I should check with your office about this problem. Within the past year it has been loosing leaves at a rapid rate and I have many dead branches that will need to be trimmed. Is this common with Pin Oaks and can my tree, in my front yard, be saved? The tree expert mentioned that the tree could be injected with a product but that wouldn't necessarily kept me from loosing the tree. I would just hate to have it cut down. Also, some of my neighbors are experiencing the same situation. Could this problem be from too my drought or rain? I hope you can give me an answer and a solution to keep this beautiful tree. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanking you in advance.

Prince George's County Maryland disease issues bacterial leaf scorch trees

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The information the tree expert provided to you is true. Unfortunately, bacterial leaf scorch is very common in pin oaks and the disease can kill a tree in about 8-10 years. There is no cure for it. If you want to confirm that bacterial leaf scorch is present, you could have the tree expert submit a sample from the tree to the University of Maryland Plant Diagnostic Laboratory. In the lab, a test can be done to confirm the presence of the bacterial pathogen.

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