pruning of Japanese Holly and nandina

Asked September 19, 2018, 2:16 PM EDT

Can you tell me the best time to prune the Japanese holly and nandina. The Japanese holly just need to be trimmed back a little, nothing to major. The nandina has several long shoots which if I understand correctlt then should be cut back just above the ground for the long ones

Anne Arundel County Maryland pruning nandina shrubs japanese holly

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Now is not a good time to prune. Pruning encourages new growth and this may be damaged by winter conditions.
Japanese holly - Japanese holly usually withstands severe pruning. The best time to prune is in the spring and you may need to touch up in June or July after the new growth hardens off. The shrub looks like it is covering your window.

Nandina - Best time to prune is early spring. It is best to thin out old stems every year near the base or head back old canes at varying lengths to produce a dense plant.