Harvest A Single Precious Tree

Asked September 19, 2018, 11:09 AM EDT

In 1957, when Harper Woods, Michigan, was putting in the storm drains and sidewalks in front of his house, my late Father transplanted a six foot poplar tree from a ditch to our backyard. That poplar is now at least a hundred feet tall, and, after the passing of both my parents, I am in the process of selling this house, after sixty years. I am considering harvesting this tree for lumber, to build the library in my new house. The poplar is the Irish tree of resurrection, and, after 17 years of caregiving, for 5 relatives, including my beloved parents, I am very much in a state of resurrecting my life. Would the forestry department of Michigan State University know of any forester or forestry services who would harvest and dry a single tree, not for sale, but to return the prepared lumber to me, for creative reuse?

Wayne County Michigan

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It’s often hard hard to get someone to pick up one tree without considerable cost. You are in a good location though, with a lot of urban wood activity.

https://www.liveedgedetroit.com/millingservices - They offer services in Troy. They require the log is brought to them.

https://www.miurbanwoodnetwork.com/- Use this resource to find other local mills operating using urban wood.