Landscaping a very steep backyard on DCL cove

Asked September 19, 2018, 10:09 AM EDT

Hi - our house sits high up on a very steel slope - the bottom of which is a Deep Creek Lake cove. We are zone 6. The previous owners cut down all the trees so now the entire slope is covered with tall unsightly plants and a only few ferns. We want to re-landscape the entire slope - for both aesthetics and function. We are thinking about creating a winding path so that it is easier to walk down to the lake. We would like to clear out everything and put in plants with deep root systems for erosion but also want some color. But it has to be almost zero maintenance since the hill is so steep. With no trees it's basically half of an acre of a very steep meadow since w/o trees there is no real shade. Thank you for your suggestions! If you also have suggestions for landscapers in Garrett County that would be helpful also.

Garrett County Maryland

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This sounds like a large project and you need to develop a landscape plan. It is recommended that you have an onsite visit from several landscapers in the area. We do not have specific recommendations.

You can also contact your local extension for more information.
Ashley Bodkins, Senior Agent Associate, Master Gardener Coordinator,, 301-334-6960.

Consider native plant species and grasses for the site conditions based on mature height and width. Also, think about leaving a buffer strip along the water to slow runoff and soil erosion. Here is general information on landscaping and some publications that may be helpful.


This is very helpful - thank you!!!