honey locus leaf being eaten

Asked September 19, 2018, 8:39 AM EDT

I have 6 honey locus whose leaves are being stripped of all their leaves. seems to be an insect, what spray can I use to stop this from happening next season?

This is late September and the trees are completely stripped of leaves except the very top of the trees. On the ground is a powder or a residue of the leaves.

Hardin County Kentucky

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There are several insects that can feed on the honeylocust. There is a locust leaf miner that can cause the leaves to scorch and fall early. The leafhoppers and plant bugs will damage the leaves early in the summer.

The leaves could have also been infected by a fungus in the spring. This could cause the leaves to drop early. There has been significant rainfall throughout the spring and summer.

You can bring a sample of the damage as soon as you see it in the tree to your local Extension Office.