pumpkin flowers

Asked September 18, 2018, 7:32 PM EDT

Hi, I can't seem to get a female bloom. The plant seems to be pretty happy otherwise, gets sun and water. Several male blooms daily. It's been like this ever since the first bloom........

Marion County Oregon

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Pumpkins and any of their squash relatives typically produce only male flowers when the plants are stressed. This summer, plant stress was extremely common because of the prevailing higher than normal temperatures. Because of that, plants needed more water than during an average year, plus the soil (or potting mix) dried out more rapidly than gardeners expected.

Now that it's September, it's too late for your pumpkin to set and ripen fruit even if it does produce a female flower. It would be wise to compost this plant and start planning for next year.

Hi, Jean. Thanks for the help. Pumpkin patches are more fun anyway :-P. I am so glad you guys are around for our community!

Thank you! We enjoy helping gardeners succeed.