What is this little plant?

Asked September 18, 2018, 5:00 PM EDT

can you help me identify this little plant? it is only 3-4 inches tall. It appears to be rayless . The flowers are a mustard yellow ish. It is incredibly aromatic similar to a marigold. It grows in the gravel around my house and i have seen in in other neighborhoods in bare dirt or gravel. It is a very humble little thing, but. I want to make sure it is safe for my grandson to play around. Thank you.

El Paso County Colorado

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It is a bit difficult to tell from the photo, but based on your description of a yellow flower and very aromatic, I am going to guess that it is a groundsel. Groundsels are common "weeds" in Colorado and have a strong odor when bruised. They are generally not harmful to people, however all individuals may have unique allergies to plants.