Ground Bees

Asked September 18, 2018, 11:06 AM EDT

How to get rid of ground bees?

Emmet County Michigan bees

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The so-called "ground bees" are probably not bees at all. They are a species of wasp called a yellow jacket wasp. Getting rid of a yellow jacket wasp nest in your yard can be difficult and should be done with a great deal of caution. Yellow jackets are a species of wasp that build nests underground. In order to eliminate a yellow jacket nest in the ground, the first step is to locate all of the nest entrances (there may be more than one!). Once you have identified all of the nest entrances, you can apply an insecticidal powder to the entrances. This should be done at night when the wasps are not active. Choose a powder that is specifically labelled for use against yellow jacket nests in the ground. Follow the product's label directions exactly in order to prevent injury to yourself, others, or pets. It may take several days for the effects of the treatment to be seen, since the wasps need to carry the powder down into the nest to kill the queen and all of their nestmates. For more detailed instructions and photographs please read this MSU Extension page about yellow jacket wasps: