Dying grass

Asked September 18, 2018, 9:59 AM EDT

My family and I just transferred to Fort Polk, LA in Oct 2017, the grass was dead, I put fertilizer and grass seeds for shady areas. It did grow, however it died and looks exactly the it looked when we got here. Also in the front yard it seems spotty as you can see via my picture. I did agitate the ground before laying the above items. Please help me, I forgot to tell you that I am new at this.

Vernon Parish Louisiana lawns and turf lawn maintenance

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Between the trees, the trampoline, and I assume kids running on it, your lawn will never look like a golf course. However, you can probably make some improvements.
Most grass seeds you'll find for sale are cool-season grasses (most commonly rye grass). They grow in Louisiana from October until maybe May, then the hot weather wears them out and eventually kills them. You might put out rye grass again next month (October) and have a pretty good winter lawn. Next April or May you might choose to sod with centipede, zoysia, or St. Augustine, which tolerate shade decently.
Or you can seed again in spring, but this time choose centipede or zoysia seed. (There is no viable St. Augustine seed.) There's a variety of zoysia called 'Zenith' that you can get seeds for. Some centipede seeds are available, and centipede is a good choice if you have acid soil.
I also suggest you get a soil test for acidity, etc. You can call your local Extension office (LSU Ag Center) to discuss it with your County Agent. I believe that's Keith Hawkins in Vernon. (http://www.lsuagcenter.com/portals/our_offices/parishes/vernon)
Here is a good LSU Ag Center publication on establishing lawns: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/~/media/system/6/d/b/0/6db067580aaae906a2858bc8a0e7e724/pub2230turfgrasse... The publication does not give a seeding rate for zoysia because it's an old publication, made before this seeded variety was developed. If you choose that route, see if there's a rate on the label or go with the Bermudagrass rate.