Sooty blotch and misshapen apples

Asked September 18, 2018, 8:54 AM EDT

We have a couple of Apple trees at our home here in Edgerton MN. 1 tree is a 8-10 year old Honey Crisp, and the other tree is an older 25+year old Wealthy. (We think) The last couple years we have had these spots which I am assuming are sooty blotch on our apples and wondering if their is a “cure” for this? Also our apples are quite “wormy”, and have a misshapen, lumpy appearance. We have been putting a jug of a natural mixture of vinegar, honey and banana peal in a gallon jug in our trees to try control but it doesn’t seem to be working. The tracks and wormy spots in our apples just seem to be getting worse each year. Any tips or us? Thank you in advance!
Sincerely, Jan Fey

Pipestone County Minnesota

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You probably have apple maggots making your fruit misshapen and wormy. The sooty blotch isn't as much of a problem. The photo of the leaf has a shiny look and a white look on the underside is that just a reflection? I am going to give you a link on pest management in the home orchard that is long but has good info. It is important to clean up all of the fallen leaves in the fall and it would probably help to consider pruning some to allow for more air circulation. You can read about suggested ways to manage your problems.