Why do yellowjackets like me?

Asked September 18, 2018, 7:11 AM EDT

Hello, thank you. I have worked outside most of my life and haven't had this problem until recently. I can be in a group of people, the bees want me. My and I were walking in Costco Parking lot today. I saw two things fly up the drive. They were yellow jackets, flew directly to me. They buzzed my face and landed on the back of my shirt. My wife snacked them off. No interest in her, back to me. This has been happening every day recently. I have been doing alot of wood working in my shop. The big doors are open, I need good ventevation. And in they come, fly right past the two working traps beside each door. The traps work but more still come. I can't find the nest. Sinse the rain I have been firing the woodstove with the damper closed and a fan blowing the smoke out the door. That does seem to keep them out. But why me?

Lincoln County Oregon

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Yellowjackets can be attracted to someone because of certain scents or odors or because of the color of their clothing. They are also really attracted to sweet foods (honey, candy, fruits, soft drinks) and to red meats, chicken, fish.
Try to avoid colognes or any scented body care products.
Don't wear bright red, orange, or yellow color clothing or clothing with a floral pattern as that can sometimes attract them.
Try to wash after eating so food smells (attractive to Yellowjackets) are minimized.