Bumble bee nest

Asked September 18, 2018, 5:17 AM EDT

I have a bumble bee nest in our hay shed. I made room for them to stay over the summer. I was wondering if it possible to move them once winter comes without any ill effects to the bees. If the nest can be moved, what is the best way to do this and the best location to move it to? If not I guess they are permanent guest

Crow Wing County Minnesota

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Since many bumblebees nest underground, I am not completely convinced that this nest is that of bumblebees. It possibly could be a wasp nest. You may the following sites informative in this regard:



Could you pease take a picture or two of the actual nest? Ideally a picture of its inhabitants would be great though doing this may be a bit daunting.

Good luck

I tried to take a picture but it's too far down in the hay and I'm afraid if pull it too far away from the wall it will damage the nest. I know they are bumble bees. We have seen them flying in and out all summer. What I'm wondering is if a queen will stay in this nest? If so where would be a good location to move it too once winter hits? While they caused us no problems I would like to have all the space back in there :)

Thanks for getting back to me. If they are bumble bees, the vast majority of them will die once the temperature gets down to freezing for a few days. If the queen remains in the nest, she will be in a dormant state. So towards the end of November you should be able to unearth the nest. Moving it will not possible. Just dispose of it. It is possible that next year insects like this will return but they will not be the same ones that are there now. If you happen upon any dead bees, then take a picture of them and send onto us.