Yard Tree Selling

Asked September 17, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT

Hello! I have a humongous tree in my year that I need to get rid of due to some limbs falling a little to close to my home. I am not sure what type of tree it is but I live in Redford. Do you know of any resources that might be interested in it? It is very very big and could probably make some furniture or something of that nature. Part of it is dead (I am not sure from what, I just moved in two years ago) but the majority of it is still kicking.

Wayne County Michigan

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Hi, there!
Sounds like a gorgeous tree! It may be hard to find someone who could come to your property for one tree. I would suggest calling around to any woodworking shops in the area, and possibly using the Wood-Mizer site to find someone with a portable sawmill who might like the tree. This market is a bit hit and miss, so it may take some persistence to find someone who is interested.
Take care,