Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can...

Asked September 17, 2018, 2:42 PM EDT

Please let me know what is destroying my beautiful bushes and how I can eliminate the pest. Thanks very much!!!

Oceana County Michigan

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Nothing specific comes to mind. Looks like damage from a leaf feeding insect pest. Probably the larvae of a moth or perhaps a beetle. Have you seen any insects? The timing is right for fall web worm. Did you just notice and is it getting worse or does it look like the pest is finished and has moved on.
I resembles damage I see in the early spring on apples that are not sprayed. The adults lay eggs on the tree and the larvae eat the leaves when they emerge and then drop off in a few weeks. If you are not watching the tree daily you would not notice until the damage was done.
My point is if the insect has done the damage and has moved on there is no point spraying.
I think a contact insecticide would work to stop whatever is happening but if the pest has already left then the damage will not get worse.
You might look around to see if any nearby plants have similar damage and see if you can find any insects. The insect that caused this damage is not very mobile and will not fly away, but it may have matured to a different life stage and is getting ready to over winter.

It has been moving from bush to bush. Earlier in the spring I cut out some dead branches. Then later noticed they were dying in other places. Each time I remove the dead areas, other places start to die. I did spray for spiders two times. It did not seem to be strong enough or the correct product.

What would you recommend as an insecticide?

Looking at it the damage and your description I think it is the apple thorn skeletonizer. I think it is too late in the year to treat now.
Here is a link and some suggested insecticides.
I think Sevin would be very effective in the early spring as the new growth emerges.