Selecting a Juniper for Deer Resistant Screening in Catonsville, less than 20 ft tall

Asked September 17, 2018, 12:55 PM EDT

From on-line info, looks like the Spartan Juniper would result in best result, with tight, dense foliage for a more formal appearance. However, Valley View Farm says they haven't had Spartan in stock in couple of years. Sun Nursery says Spartan doesn't do well in Maryland, and they don't carry it. What's going on with Spartan Juniper? Why so hard to find? Is it a poor choice for Maryland? If I rule out Spartan, then it looks like Blue Point Juniper may be the way to go, since it more readily available and almost as dense. Any advise on this?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Junipers usually do not do well due to rust diseases as well as some other fungal diseases. We do not have specific information on juniper varieties. Take a look at some resistant varieties from U of Minnesota but not all.
Here is our deer resistant list
We suggest that you select a variety of trees based on the site sun versus shade so you do not lose the stand to a
disease or insect issue. A possibility may be American holly, other upright hollies, Leatherleaf viburnum, Magnolia 'Little Gem', and
Cephalotaxus yew. You may have to consider some deciduous shrubs as well.