removing a "bat house"

Asked September 16, 2018, 2:55 PM EDT

I've had a bat house (granddaughter built) in my driveway for about ten years with absolutely no sign that bats have ever been there.--no sight, no droppings. I'd like to take this out of my driveway to utilize the space. (Would also like the bat house to be utilized by someone nearer a body of water if I can find one.) My trees have grown to surround the structure so I have no hope of its helping bats (sigh). Should I wait to disassemble the bat house (on a 22 foot pole) just in case or is my conclusion pretty much on target that no bat lives there? Also, how should I proceed with this knowing that wasps, hornets or whatever might have nested inside?

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We'd first suggest spending some time monitoring the box, during the day for wasp activity, and at dusk for bat activity.

If you were bat-proofing your house, now through November would be the prime time to do it. We understand your concern about the possibility of a wasp nest though.
Perhaps waiting after a good couple of frosts in October but before hibernation in November would be a good time to act.
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You could also call the Wildlife Information Hotline run by the Department of Natural Resources, which can be found in this publication: