Linden under attack

Asked September 16, 2018, 11:54 AM EDT

I have a linden tree in need of some help; it has looked increasingly sickly over the last few years, and this year it didn't flower or drop seeds at all. I've treated for Japanese beetles, but I am now noticing black spots on the leaves, which have already started dropping last week. From what I've read, it sounds like a fungal infection? Just wondering if there is anything I can do, if a copper spray will help, when I should apply, etc. Thank you for any guidance!

Olmsted County Minnesota fungal diseases

1 Response

Treating for a fungal disease after the fungus is visible will not help because the fungus is inside the lease. Rigorous sanction by getting up all the fallen leaves, mulching under the tree out to the drip line and watering the tree several times a week in very hot weather will help. Treating for fungus prophylacticly early next season maybe necessary. The very hot weather has stressed trees severely and the humid weather has promoted fungal diseases.