Need help on what to use to kill mites in room and on my cats?

Asked September 15, 2018, 5:24 PM EDT

I have something I think they are a mite. I moved into an attic area that was turned into a room it has a dropped ceiling and opening above would be roof and 2 chimneys. I have sprayed everything I now have an infection on my skin my cats are covered. We have worms... We had a professional come in one said yes it was the other guy said he didn't see any sign. I had sample they come out at night. I have a light from ceiling the old style with the screws that hold I believe they are coming in thru them.. I have noticed my cats eyes I can clean or wipe and I can see something come back a very small thing but lots nothing is killing or helping. Oh except Lysol I spray it directly on ceiling and they don't start t about 3 am them I will spray again but I and my cats are becoming frail from this thing. Fleas, or mites I just need help before l loose 1 of my cats or I end up in the hospital. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

Mason County Kentucky

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Thank you for your question for eXtension. With the issues you are bring forward i am not an expert in, I would suggest to see a doctor for the skin infection and a vet for your cats.