planting grass on top of grass

Asked September 15, 2018, 1:40 PM EDT

A concrete contractor will soon remove sod and topsoil to install a sidewalk. We will be away while this is done and have asked him to put it in a low spot in our yard. When we return we plan to plant grass seed. We will prepare the loose soil by removing any chunks of sod and adding peat, lime, and fertilizer. Will it work to plant grass seed there even though there is already old grass under the new soil? Thank you.

Garrett County Maryland lawns and turf

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You should remove the sod or at least break up the old grass thoroughly with a rototiller before you plant your new grass. It won't work to put your amended soil layer over top of the old grass layer. You should rototill it first. Mix in your organic matter with a rototiller and then put down your new grass seed. Now is the ideal time of year to do it.

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