Bit by a small bug that I've never seen while mowing

Asked September 15, 2018, 11:39 AM EDT

I've lived in the west suburbs most of my life (except while attending the U) and today (9/15/2018) at about 10am while mowing my lawn I got bit by a small bug I've never seen before. My property is mostly wooded with several types of trees (sugar maple, red oak, river burch, elm, cherry, etc) and lightly landscaped with mainly hostas and daylily, in case that helps. I bagged it (still alive, though I hurt a bit when I reflexively swatted my shin where it bit me). It's maybe 1/4" long overall, looks to have 6 legs, and some hooked jaws. Any clue what it is? I can feel where it bit me, but I'm having no reaction at all.

Carver County Minnesota insect identification horticulture

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Thank you for the question. The insect has been identified by another expert as most likely a lacewing larvae. They can bite. Here are many examples, some which look much like the insect in your photos:

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