Powder post beetles

Asked September 14, 2018, 7:03 PM EDT

When powder post beetles emerge from wood that has been kilned/treated/varnished, do they die due to the chemicals they just ate. If they do not, do they re-infest other pieces of wood that have also been kilned?

Multnomah County Oregon

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I need to do a bit of research on this, but to my knowledge, the beetles do not die after boring through finished wood. What I have read is that they will 'taste' wood prior to boring into it and if the wood has a finish on it, they will not bore into it.

They will not reinfest other pieces of wood that have been dried in a kiln, provided that the wood remains dry - below about 20% moisture content. That's generally pretty easy to maintain in a home unless there are prolonged periods of humidity above 90% OR if the wood is getting wet from a leak (e.g., plumbing, hole in the roof, etc.) of some kind.

I will look into this more and send an updated response.