Identify pears

Asked September 14, 2018, 5:14 PM EDT

Can you please identify these pears that grew on our tree here in Benton county? I believe one is Bosc, one Comice, and the big bin I thought were Forelle. Maybe they are Seckle...ideas?

Benton County Oregon

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I agree on the Bosc as it is distinctive with the long neck, Comice maybe for the other one. For the pears in the bin, I don't know. In my experience Seckel have a blush and they are very small. I can't determine scale from the photo and it is difficult to identify fruit on the internet!

To identify them accurately, bring samples to the Home Orchard Society "All About Fruit" event 10/20-10/21 at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby. They have fruit identification experts on hand and there are a lot of identified and labeled fruit varieties on display for comparison.