Bees in potted plant

Asked September 14, 2018, 5:04 PM EDT

Got a bee question for you! After moving around a very large potted hydrangea on our deck this week, we discovered it had been the home to an enormous colony of bees. Given its location right by the door, the hydrangea was dragged out to the yard. The bees were (of course) disturbed, and are generally flying everywhere...but a few hundred have taken interest in *another* potted plant on the deck...and this is where my question comes in. This other plant (an Amazon Lily) is of enormous sentimental value. It will, eventually, need to be brought inside for the winter. Our possible dilemma is that it seems these bees want to make it their new home...and of course we don't want to bring them in for the winter, too! We love bees. But we love this plant even more! Any suggestions for encouraging the bees to find a new home (hopefully a bit further from the house)? Either via 'carrot' or 'stick'? thanks!

Frederick County Maryland

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There are no easy answers. We recommend that you repot the Lily if need be and bring the plant indoors.